Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

Happy Bracelets

Today I found these peace and cross charms and I thought of creating "happy bracelets" with colored beads and I think they look happy don't they? ;)

Charming Bags

We looooove charming bags, and bags with charms? Definately too!

cord charms with leather tassels

golden charms

silver charms

Hot Pants!

This summer it's time to be special and to get shot of boring clothes! So I decided to pimp up my hotpants with rivets and fancy fabrics and that's what comes out of this: hotpants like those from runwaydreamz (L.A.). Rivets can also be used for shoes (converse chucks or flats), bags, leggings, jeans etc.

with diffrent rivets and fabrics

leather hotpants with star rivets

Skulls Are Alive!

Currently everyone loves skulls, rivets, dark lipstick and crosses, that's because of the glam rock style! It's a must have now and it looks really hot!
skull bracelet

skull earrings

Fox Meets Rabbit

foxtail bag pendant, natural or colored

pompons as bag or key pendant

a small one for necklaces

fox or rabbit pompons for hats 

To pray for...

cross necklace, earring and bracelet

celtic cross necklace

Random of NK DESIGNS

This is a random of my creations for "nk designs". You'll find bracelets, necklaces and earrings in different styles and designs, enjoy :)
bracelet with snake look

thin leather bracelet

leather bracelet for men

key earrings

coin earrings

leather earrings

tasseled earrings

drop earrings

where my fingerrings sleep

filigree bracelets

clef earrings

hanging star earrings

leopard bracelets

braided bracelet

leather bracelet with charms

charm tassled earrings

navy style bracelets

hello kitty bracelets

black satin bracelet
nude leo bracelet

leather and sterling silver bracelet

black stone bracelet

hand of fatima necklace

peace'n'star bracelet